Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chuck Bass Scarf

In recent memory very few men's fashion figures have generated as much buzz as Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick on the popular TV Sitcom Gossip girl.

The outrageous suits, peacoats, scarves, ascots, and boat shoes have inspired gossip everywhere. Many of us have seen the much revered signature scarf, available at JPress. Many have even taken to adopting it as their own. But, there is something just a tad bit tacky about just following an actors style consultant. Most of us don't want to be walking down the street and immediately be recognized as a Gossip Girl follower.

That is not to say we can not draw stylistic cues from the influence of the show. The scarf, for example is an excellent accessory that for many years has been underestimated, especially in the men's fashion realm. It is an excellent and easy way to add flair to an otherwise boring or uninspired outfit.


One thing we can learn from the show is that the use of the scarf as a pop of color can give an instant update to anybody's look. A purple cashmere gives a rich tone and is paired well with the otherwise dark and dreary outfits of winter. Patterned striped scarves such as those available at American Apparel can also be striking, although a bit ubiquitous.

The key is to make it make it stand out from the rest of the outfit, but at the same time compliment it. So, add some excitement and go out of your comfort range. Its an easy way to experiment with color without buying a whole garment.

But, if you take my advice on anything let it be this: do not go with the burberry check. This has been reproduced by almost every scarf producer, and has become the trademark of the uninspired.

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Alexander Fletcher said...

Dear Chuck Bass lovers, we bet you all recognise the classic Chuck Bass scarf:

As we all know, the price at J.Press (currently out of stock) for the scarf was raised to 250 dollars since it appeared on the show. We have recieved 10 copies of the scarf for promotional purposes. They are made in China through the forging of various ties (just like the one Chuck Bass wore) and is made entirely in silk.

If you are interested. Please contact us. We will provide you with pictures or anything else you need. The price will land at more than half the original.


Alexander Fletcher

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