Sunday, May 31, 2009

Style Profile: Jude Law

36 year old British actor, Jude Law, is no stranger to the spotlight. Since the late 80's appearing with the National Youth Music Theater, to such notable appearances in films such as The Talented Mr. Ripley and Road to Perdition, Law is a an international star with a reputation for style.

Slim, classic, and sometimes daring, Law knows a thing or two about fit. Never scared to experiment (to occasionally mixed results), he is his own man. Jude goes easily from mixing edgy cut fabrics inspired by British Rock culture to classic cut tuxedo's paired with Ray-Ban Wayfarers at Cannes Film Festival.

One thing no one can argue is that Jude has his own look that he is comfortable with. We should all strive to find that nonchalant style, disheveled elegance look.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Hipsters Suck

It seems to have started with American Apparel, then came the hipsters. Or is the other way around. I suppose it is the old chicken and egg argument.

In the beginning they were kind of fringe, on the edge, almost rebellious. The ironic moustache aroused a chuckle or two, even from me.

Now the trend has turned to be the next Ed Hardy, the contest appears to have become who can look like they make the least money. Montreal is flooded with them. I can see them snickering at me as I walk by, they think, look at him, he looks like he has a good job!

The one thing I don't understand is: how come it is now cool to look like you are wearing a sweater that you sewed together from used carpet? Oh, that is a nice scarf, you made if from a curtain from the 70's? Amazing!

The Style Advisor hereby pronounces the hipster trend dead.

Style is timeless. Fashion comes and goes. Hipsters, I hope you go quickly.

Wolf Shirt is back

An internet classic, check out the wolf shirt on Amazon here

If this is new to you, make sure to check out the comments!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Buzz Cut (aka shaved head style)

Short, clean and maintenance free the shaved head is a classic for men. From Justin to Beckham the look is timeless, and shouts confidence. Of course, it is not for everyone, it works best with people with regular, round shaped heads and strongly defined features.

A little scruff tends to balance things out too. Even better you can wear hats without worrying about hat hair! If your still hesitant, just give it a try, afterall hair always grows back.

The Style Advisor is definitely going for the look this summer, are you?

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