Friday, February 13, 2009

Disheveled Elegance

I have been obsessed with a look that can be only described as disheveled elegance. Let me explain:

First there is a majority of people who just don't care about their looks at all. Easily recognizable by their Crocs, sports jersey's and sweatpants.

Then there is the small minority who care a bit too much. Although clearly far superior to the majority who don't care at all, they to seem to lack something. Maybe everything is just a bit too coordinated. A little too matchy matchy. Everything falls into place just so, and any imperfections that may arise are quickly adjusted.

Then there are those who conjure up the term disheveled elegance. These people often appear as though they after a hard night of drinking, or are even taking the walk of shame. They do not seem consciously aware of their style, no matter how planned it may really be. It might be a shirt untucked, a button missing, or untended facial hair. They look like they have lived interesting lives. You wonder what kind of stories they have to tell.

Their clothes are chic but lived in, and that is the essence of disheveled elegance.

Painting: Willem de Kooning, Gotham News


Sildenafil said...

I don't like the article itself but I was astonished with the painting I saw below, because I like the abstract art, it's similar to my art.

Anonymous said...

That was his newest painting right?

Men's Suit said...

Yeah i think that was his newest painting.. it was expensive anyway.

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