Saturday, March 21, 2009

Essential: Leather Jacket

Very few items of clothing lend themselves to such mystery and nostalgia as the leather jacket. The thought alone can conjure up romantic images of rebellion and adventure.

From Fonzie to James Dean, and [insert favorite rocker here] the image is iconic. As a kid you look at these role models (well maybe not Fonzie) and imagine yourself hitting the open road on your motorcycle for a few weeks, living on the open road and sleeping under the stars. Or maybe your pictured yourself performing on stage for a crowd of adoring groupies, traveling from gig to gig on a tour bus, your biggest worry where to score your next hit.

But, wait you are not in your dressing room after a show consuming copious amounts of drugs. Perhaps your next road trip more likely consists of a minivan and the kids wondering "are we there yet?", then hitting the road on your hog.

The leather jacket can still be for you. However, you might want to pass on the black jackets with spikes and gregarious zippers. That does not mean you should not pay attention to fit, and quality. Far too often the leather jacket has been disseminated to an overcoat with four or five buttons sitting on you like a sack.

Pay close attention to fit no matter what style you choose.

-The jacket should fit snug not tight. If you see any pulling or the jacket restricts your movement, size up.

-Don't let the sleeves cover your hands. Although the sleeves can be longer then a blazer or suit jacket, the sleeve should still end at your wrist and not at the base of your fingers.

-Make sure the shoulder hem sits on the end of your shoulder. If it falls off in any way, that jacket is not for you. Put it back on the rack or size down.

-Keep the jacket on the short side, I like it to go slightly past the belt line, maybe an inch or two, anything after that is too long (obvious exception: Belstaff style jackets).

-Pair with your favorite pair worn in jeans and black boots.

So, even if even if you are so lucky to be contemplating your next rehab stint over guitar strings pay attention to these rules and your look will be iconic rather then abhorrent when the Enquirer snaps a picture of you checking into your favorite clinic.


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