Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lapo Elkann

Like the controversy that can be sparked by Thom Browne's shruken suits, Lapo Elkann has also been a polarizing figure when it comes to men's style. Hier to the Fiat fortune, Elkann has been an oft discussed men's style figure. Often criticized as dandy and over affected, Elkann has what can only be described as a flamboyant fashion sense.

Double breasted suit jackets with large lapels, flowering pocket squares and a blonde mame are his staples. Whether you like his style sense or not, you can't say that it is not unique. He does what he wants, how he wants, and doesn't care what you think of it.

I like that.


Keith said...

I admire a man who lives life by his own rules. He makes up his own style. He isn't worried about what others think.

thestyleadvisor said...

Definitely, most people are far to concerned with others perceptions.

fashionextravaganza said...

I like the look youknow its soo funny because that you mentionedthat because the are certain man who dress flambouyantly and people..people stereotype them as gay..i mean come one i love men you dresses for him and not other people..

Anonymous said...

Great blog.

First, does the man have a thyroid condition or does he attempt to look bug-eyed every time he poses for a photo?? Not attractive.

Second, I'd say his pants in the first photo are too tight. Generally, folks should not be able to discern immediately, from a mere glance, whether you dress right or left. TMI, IMO.

Slim Suits said...

Respectable man! i wish my granparents where like him.. i wish i could be like him.. lols

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