Sunday, March 15, 2009

Style Inspiration: James Dean

Not much needs to be said here. James Dean, a classic style figure if there ever was one. Effortless cool.

James Dean is a great inspiration for a Laissez-faire approach to life. Stick out from the crowd. Embrace youth. Live fast and hard.

He makes us realize that life is far too short to live with fear. James Dean embraced this philosophy and that is what makes him such an icon. He did what we are all so scared to do-- let go of preconceptions of what we are supposed to be. Sadly, his story also reminds us that life is short.

Live life by your own rules.


fashionextravaganza said...

Love James Dean and your philosophy about life is great when people match to their own makes life more exciting..i wish i would do that much more...thanks for your nice comment...lovethe blog.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Nice blog!
Love your header and yea James Dean is an endless inspirational icon. Can you think of his contemporary counterpart? I cannot really....

diane said...

He was great, really.
I learned a long time ago that living in fear is not living. Good advice. xo

thestyleadvisor said...

I can not think of a contemporary counterpart in all respects.

Style wise I would say Johnny Depp has a similar effortless style yet with a very unique approach. He does as he wishes but in not such a classic manner as James Dean.

Sildenafil said...

The James Dean's style is perfect because I'm still wearing like him, besides his personality is perfect, he's the inspiration for many men.

Fashion Suit said...

Hes cool with here desired personality..

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