Sunday, February 15, 2009

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders has received a ton of well deserved press in the past year. Kanye West is a big fan, and despite Mr. West's stylistic shortcomings, they are winning me over as well.

Like APC, it is another great company offering classic styles with slim profiles. They are best known for their dress shirts, which are extremely well cut (think short, and skinny), but come with a hefty price tag of 200+ retail. Many people swear by the shirts while others grumble about the price, but rarely about the cut.

The company is doing some great marketing on their website, and offering us an image that is well constructed. The retro use of Polaroid photographs really conjures up an eclectic nostalgia of stylish, modern clothing worn in a classic way. As you surely know by now, the prevalence of wayfarers is something I approve of as well.

This year they are offering a BoO x Sperry collaboration, which really does look fantastic and I encourage you to check out. It looks like boat shoes are making a big comeback this spring with BoO, Sperry and APC leading the pack. However, the boots are definitely the stand out of this collaboration.

Band of Outsiders is a great American prep inspired collection, I look forward to their future offerings.

BoO will be presenting at Fashion Week today, check back soon to see some pics, until then their site is here.


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