Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ivy League Style

It is difficult to find much information on Ivy League style despite its formidable influence on the fashion world.

However, I was able to find an interesting post on a continuous lean. It shows some great illustrations from a book titled Take Ivy photographed in the 1960's. The book can still occasionally be bought on Ebay, but expect to pay 500+ dollars for the pleasure.

Regrettably, Ivy League style seems to have almost descended into oblivion in recent decades, but that does not mean we can not draw inspiration from it. To me the style embraces bold fabrics such as tweed, flannels and madras. Penny loafers, duck boots, plaid ties and rep sweaters layered with dress shirts encompass the core look.

However, there is something more to it then just the clothes. I believe it is the aura of a time forgotten. The style takes me to a time. An era when you knew most of your graduating class by name. When your classmates became your life time friends, co-workers and spouses. When you walked to class, you were met with smiles from other students, instead of people listening to their Ipods with their heads down, scared to make eye contact.

Having gone to University in the 2000's, I sometimes long for a simpler time similar to that conjured up by Ivy League Style. Although we often think about how we could have lived without our cell phones or internet, sometimes I wonder how we can live with them.

But, I digress, Ivy League style still has it's place in todays world. Loafers, flannels, and chambray's are essentials in every man's wardrobe. Maybe, when we wear them we can be taken back to a simpler time. Even if it is just for a second.


B said...

Dear Style Advisor,
I admired your "Ivy League Style" blog-entry very much.

It was your insight of clothing acting as a connection to simpler times that really captivated my imagination.
What a wonderful thought!

It's refreshing to read something *smart* about clothes once in a while; I'll be sure to check back.

Just a tip:
Complete Profile; "Subscribe," not "prescribe."
Happens to the best of us! =J

Sildenafil said...

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Fitted Suits said...

He looks like my uncle... hahaha so adorable.

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