Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Raw Men's Jeans

By now, most people who concern themselves with men's style, are aware of the raw jeans trend. For those who aren't, allow me to elaborate.

These jeans are typically a dark indigo color with no distressing of any kind. The idea is that as you wear them, with time, they will acquire natural distressing. This creates a much more natural fade which eliminates awkward fade patterns such as having the distressing on the back of the knee, somewhere around the middle of your calf.

The jeans are often considered "projects" by their owners. They wear them as often as possible, and avoid washing them for as long as possible. This method allows for the highest contrast fades on your jeans. However this also means the jeans might not be washed for 6 months or more. However the results often speak for themselves.

The branding is usually minimal on these jeans which allows for pairing with more tasteful outfits. It will also prevent you from looking like the next douchebag teenager who thinks having large R's on the pockets is a fashion statement.

I personally have purchased the APC Rescues, which have a classic straight leg and minimalist styling. Another popular choice is the APC NS with its slimmer, more tapered cut. There has been some debate on the sizing, so make sure to do your research before ordering online, or better yet try some on at a local retailer.

They are not cheap often running $150+ But the wear you get out of them, they are definitely worth they hefty price tag.

If you want to check some out try APC, Kicking Mule Workshop, or Nudie. If you want to go really high end right away check out Pure Blue Japan, Sugar Cane or Dior.

As with most things in life, quality supercedes quantity.

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Jeans mostly now adays is very common... nothing new.. no more new designs..

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